Plastic water bottles

 Asalaam alaikum! This post is about recycling water bottles– my friend Cara Kareema wrote this to deal with all those bottles left after Iftar at the masjid. Jazak Allahu khair Cara!


Here is a list of what we can do during Ramadan to recycle those used plastic bottles we throw away after Iftars:



My grand Idea- so like it, share it, and then do it!

Each year billions of tons of plastic from water bottles fill our landfills and waterways. Many water bottles sit half used on tables headed to the trash. After iftars bottles are thrown away and left on the ground without any regard to where it will end up . It is a vicious cycle that we can end. We all are caretakers of our planet. It is urgent that we become more conscientious about the benefits of thinking green and recycling. We can start by collecting our empty plastic bottles for recycling after each itars (breaking of the fast)

There are a few simple things we can do.

1. Make signs and designate certain garbage cans as recycled only.

2. Instruct everyone to drink all of their water before opening another bottle

3. Pouring unused water on the ground at the nearest tree (I am sure the tree won’t mind)

4. Taking our own water supplies to the masjid for our personal consumption in safe, non-plastic containers (I use glass bottles)

5. Encourage our kids running around the grounds to “pick and pour” get the water bottles from the tables, pour the remaining water from the containers. They will be more than happy to pitch in, last year 10 boys helped me in this effort and they were very enthusiastic about this project.

6. Teach our children the benefits of doing good deeds and caring for nature.

7. Request that your Imam makes an announcement that your masjid will be a green pro- recycling site and that all of the metal cans and bottles will be recycled

8. Donate a green garbage can to your masjid for recycling

9. Consider recycling campaigns, your masjid can raise funds with every pound of plastic that is delivered to various recycling facilities

As more of us recycle, our environment will gradually improve and there will be less of a demand for potentially harmful plastics that are not safe for us in the first place.

Did you know that the FDA completely exempts the oversight of water that is packaged and sold within the same state? That means 70% of the bottled water we drink are not regulated by the FDA. Bottled water has been proven to contain Bisphenol A, or BPA, and some have been found to leach toxins and chemicals into the contents of plastic bottles.

It is to imperative that we stay mindful of all of the consequences of using and wasting plastic water bottles. Lets start thinking green and doing our part during Ramadan and in our every day lives by recycling.

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Cara Karema


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