Everything’s beautiful…

… in its own way…

Asalaam alaikum!

The Quran says that Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) taught Adam (alaihi salaam) the names of all the animals.  As many weird animals as there are in the world, I think that’s amazing.  Like Baba says, it’s something to think about.


Here’s hoping that everyone reading this is in good health, spirits and faith, insha Allah.

Meet my new pet Goober, a goliath birdeater spider.  Just kidding. This is NOT my pet.  I think Cutie would run away if he saw this wearing flea collar! (Credit to Wikipedia, Flickr and Snakecollector for the pic)!

I was searching for a topic for my next biology project, and came across a couple interesting articles.  Subhan Allah, the animals look so bizarre.  Cutie looks so ordinary in comparison.  That’s not a bad thing for Cutie, though, because I wouldn’t let any of these things in my house, let alone sleep in my bed.

Here is the National Geographic page, which shows a ginormous insect called a giant weta from New Zealand, an aye aye and a good picture of star-nosed mole.  At the Mother Nature Network, the pic of the aye aye will make you shudder.


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